Our Team

Our Team

Meet the family behind Slager Outdoors.


With over 20 years of hunting experience with archery and rifle equipment, Josh enjoys both hunting all species of animals and the styles involved with hunting each different animal. Josh has shot both whitetails and mule deer scoring over 180", elk scoring over 360", and mountain lions weighing over 180 lbs. Not to mention some of his other trophies. After 20 years of hunting, Josh decided to start videotaping his hunts in hopes of sharing them with other people. Josh had always dreamed of becoming an outfitter. The excitement he brings to each individual's hunt makes for both great success and a lifetime of memories.



Tyler enjoys all types of big-game hunting, and has been on adventures in Alberta, Saskatchewan, the Yukon, and the Northwest Territories. While his favorite animal is the bull moose, Tyler's favorite animal to hunt for is the black bear, in which he shot a beautiful boar with his bow. That hunt aired on Episode 5 of Season One. Tyler's outstanding trophy is a bull moose that he shot in the Yukon, measuring 62" wide. That moose can be seen in the video on our homepage. Tyler's passion for hunting and love of the experience makes him a very enthusiastic and knowledgeable guide.


Ryan's young hunting career has been nothing shy of outstanding! In his first ever hunting season he shot two whitetail bucks, one in Saskatchewan with a muzzleloader, and one in Alberta with a rifle at 348 yards. To top off his first year, Ryan shot a mountain lion. Ryan's favorite animal to hunt for is elk. His first bow-kill is the bull elk in the above picture. Ryan loves to hunt, and has loved anything hunting since he was little. His energetic personality combined with his sense of humour, makes him great in front of the video camera. Ryan can hardly wait until he is old enough to guide hunters, but until then his enthusiasm around camp makes him a tremendous asset