Equipment Checklist

Equipment Checklist

Keep in mind that the below checklist is considered a bare minimum! It is better to come more than prepared. During hunting season in Alberta the weather is very unpredictable. Cold temperatures and snow can be expected. The temperature can be between 5 degrees celsius and -30 degrees celsius. These cold temperatures have a positive effect on the hunting action.


Firearms Recommendation

The majority of your shots will be 100 yards or less. Here at Slager Outdoors we recommend being able to shoot accurately up to 300 yards. There is no feeling quite like watching your trophy animal walk out and knowing you cannot ethically shoot longer distances. We recommend big caliber rifles with 165 grain bullets or bigger. We also suggest that you bring two boxes of ammunition.


Recommended Equipment List



•Warm hat

•5 pairs of wool socks (November Hunts)

•4 polar fleece long sleeve undershirts

•2 pairs of extra warm fleece or wool pants

•Balaclava (November Hunts)

•An extra warm fleece or wool jacket

•Extreme weather boots (November Hunts)

•3 pairs of liner socks

•2 sets of polar fleece long-johns

•2 warm sweaters

•2 pairs of warm gloves

•Camp shoes

•Lounge clothes for camp

•Handwarmers (November Hunts)


•Headlamp (with extra batteries)

•Durable water bottle

•Cell phone

•2 boxes of ammunition (minimum)

•Personal toiletries


•Range Finder

•Digital camera

•Medium sized backpack