Required Documents

Required Documents


Entry Into Canada

A passport is required in order to enter Canada. Make sure your passport is valid. In the instance that your passport is invalid or you do not have a passport, this should be taken care of well in advance of your hunt as wait times can be lengthy.


The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) is responsible for border and port of entry activities. You can check out the CBSA website for more information on entering Canada. If you have a criminal record (even including a DUI) you may not be granted access into Canada. Please inquire with CBSA to ensure you have the proper documentation.


Firearms Declaration Form

For hunters who are bringing their own firearms into Canada, a confirmed Non-Resident Firearm Declaration (CAFC 909) will serve as both your license and registration. The Non-Resident Firearms Declaration (CAFC 909) and the continuation sheet (if you are bringing more than one firearm) must be presented in triplicate, unsigned, to a Canada Customs Officer at your first point of entry into Canada. There is a $25.00 CDN fee which is not included in the price of your hunt.


To obtain this form, please email or contact: 1-800-731-4000.


For more information visit and select "Forms" under the "Resources" heading on the left side.


Wildlife Identification Number (WIN)

A WIN number is required to purchase hunting and sportfishing licenses in Alberta. A WIN number is valid for five years from the date of purchase and costs $8.00 (not included in the price of your hunt).


Click here to complete the online WIN application form. After completion, a plastic WIN card containing your information and WIN number will be mailed to you. If you have any questions you can contact Alberta Fish and Wildlife: 1 (780) 427-5185.


Be sure to apply for your WIN number well in advance in order to receive your card before your hunt.